Bhai Ghanhya Sehat Sewa Scheme

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Welcome to Health Care Scheme for Punjab Farmers & Others 

Obejctive To make equitable, affordable & quality health care accessible to the farmers & others comprising most vulnerable section of the society.
Implementing Agency (TPA)
  • Issue I.D Cards and Guide Book containing all the details of the Scheme, List of Network Hospitals and Contact details of the offices of TPA, to all the Beneficiaries.
  • Empanel Network Hospitals at Bhai Ghanhya Schedule of Rates across the State of Punjab.
  • Issue Authorization Letter (Approval letter) to the Network Hospital for cashless treatment of the beneficiary in the Network Hospital.
  • Established one controlling office in Mohali and four Branch offices in Amritsar, Jalandhar, Ludhiana and Firozpur.
  • Station 1 District Coordinator in each district of Punjab.
  • Establish 24 hrs functioning, dedicated BSNL Toll Free No./Help Line no.
  • Process and settle the claims of Network Hospitals.
  • Process and settle the reimbursement claims of beneficiaries who have taken treatment at the Government Hospitals.
United India Insurance Company Limited
Insuring Agency (Insurer)
  • Has signed Service level Agreement (SLA) with the Trust, thereby undertaking to execute and implement the Scheme in accordance with the terms and conditions as contained in the SLA.
  • Has appointed MDIndia in capacity of a Third Party Administrator (TPA) to implement the Scheme.
  • All financial and legal obligations/responsibilities arising consequent to the operationalization of the Scheme by the TPA, shall rest with the Insurer.
  • Shall provide Enrollment Forms at all the offices of Deputy Registrars.
  • Shall provide float fund to the TPA for settling cashless hospitalization claims of the Network Hospitals and reimbursement claims of the beneficiaries, who have taken treatment in the Govt. Hospital.